Help > Broadcasting on MAGNIFY

How do I start a broadcast?

Starting a broadcast on MAGNIFY has been specifically developed with our users in mind. Follow the simple steps below, and you'll be broadcasting in no time!

  1. Log in to MAGNIFY on your device;
  2. From the Home screen, tap on "BROADCAST NOW";
  3. Here, fill in the required information:

    • Name your broadcast (make it catchy!);
    • Select a Category;
    • Let us know if this will be a live or scheduled broadcast;
    • Decide if you'd like your broadcast archived to YouTube for later viewing;
    • Opt in or out of sharing your basic location (we randomize your exact location to protect your privacy);
    • Share your broadcast to popular social networks;
    • Select the language you will be broadcasting in;
    • Let us know if this will be a private broadcast. If so, you will have to select the users you want invited, as private broadcasts are only visible to these users;
    • Tap "NEXT";
  4. Select the orientation of your broadcast ("PORTRAIT" or "LANDSCAPE");
    • Tap "ACTION" and your broadcast begins after the countdown!
That's all! You've now started your first broadcast! Great work!