May 27


And... MAGNIFY is Born!

MAGNIFY is enabling a new revolution in home and mobile video entertainment / media. 

MAGNIFY is a new live video streaming service designed for mobile, desktop, and set-top-box devices. Our service provides you with the ability stream live video right from the palm of your hand in a one-to-many fashion, thus, letting you share what you see with the world. 

Join the revolution and help change the face of modern mass news media! We aim to enable smaller, independent talent to infiltrate people's palms and living rooms across the globe. MAGNIFY is here to disrupt the reality television and news industry by empowering known and everyday individuals to create the new age of contemporary video content. Gone will be the days of being force-fed what news, events, and entertainment we should all be interested in. 

Help MAGNIFY initiate a paradigm shift, and transform the way people consume their video media and entertainment!

Since you can stream content from anywhere and could essentially garner a worldwide audience, we feel that at MAGNIFYyou don't have to be popular to be famous

We're committed to serving our user community, where we always look forward to your feedback.